Display all help related to schedule use.

The scheduler is designed to list events. You can see events of a specific:

If you want you can choose to display only events of a single category. To do this, click on the category name in the menu. To display all events whatever their categories are, click on "Categories" on the top of the categoriy list.

RSS feed

There is a RSS feed for the scheduler. You can get the feed's URL by clicking on the rss icon rss under the menu.

warning The RSS feed won't be accessible in RSS readers if the blog is not public.

iCalendar export

You can export the scheduler events through iCalendar format in this scheduler. This will allow to get the scheduler's events to appears in your favorite calendar application (if it support the iCalendar format and remote calendar). You can get the iCalendar file's URL by clicking on the iCalendar icon ical under the menu.

Don't forget to check that your application will periodically reload this remote file.

warning The iCalendar file won't be accessible by your application if the scheduler is not public.


Contextual help link.

Login link. This icon is present if your not already logged. Click this link to log in the system by authentificating yourself.

Logout link. Click on this link to log out of the system.

Link to a print-freindly version of the current page.

send a email to node administrator(s).

I you have some display problem, don't hesitate to install and try firefox, an open source browser available for all systems (windows, mac, unix)