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Events of Friday 14th, December 2007

Conference : Learning Technologies Africa (LTA)
From 12 December 2007 till 14 December 2007
Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Learning Technologies Africa (LTA) is a Pan-African Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition, which is an initiative geared towards building digital competences in the knowledge society. The event will bring together stakeholders from the industry, education, government and the civil society to take a look at the state of education delivery in Africa and then fashion out strategies that will bring about enhanced quality, based on modern technologies in education.

The main aims of the conference are to bring together research, innovation and modern learning technologies in a "knowledge triangle".

DATE: 12-14 December 2007
LOCATION: Abuja, Nigeria

Modern Learning Technologies have become the mainstream in Global education and training systems. However, connectivity and equipment availability still remains a central issue in Africa, while the other problems are related to pedagogy, content, quality assurance and standards, as well as the training of teachers, continuous development, organisational change and the transformation of education and training processes

For more information, please visit the following website :

Conference : Economics of E-learning (eLene)
From 12 December 2007 till 14 December 2007
Location: Paris, France

What is the real economic performance of eLearning?
What are the right tools to measure eLearning performance?

The eLene consortium will organise a conference on the economics of e-learning in December 2007 in Paris. Leading practitioners and researchers from Europe will present the results of studies and research on e-learning initiatives.

The conference will allow you to:
   ·  learn about costs and benefits from investments in e-learning,
   ·  discuss student performance and ICT,
   ·  know about indicators of e-learning and
   ·  find out about digital divides, digital trajectories and e-learning.

Like the first eLene conference in 2006 this conference will be a meeting place for researchers, practitioners and decision makers.

For more information, please visit the following website:

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