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Events of December 2006

Conference : Online Educa Berlin
From 29 November 2006 till 01 December 2006
Location: Berlin, Germany

12th international conference on technology supported learning and training. Online Educa Berlin 2006 is set to move from strength to strength in terms of putting you at the heart of the most significant trends and developments, and providing opportunities to expand your e-learning network.

Conference : m-ICTE: the IV International Conference on Multimedia and ICTs in Education
From 29 November 2006 till 02 December 2006
Location: Sevilla, Spain

 m-ICTE2006 wants to be an international forum in Spain with the aim to promote discussion about the pedagogical potential of new technologies applied in learning and teaching from an academic and corporate point of view.

Conference : ascilite 2006
From 03 December 2006 till 06 December 2006
Location: Sydney, Australia

The 23rd annual conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Conference : Digital technologies and mathematics teaching and learning: Rethinking the terrain
From 03 December 2006 till 08 December 2006
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Deadline 15 January.
The 17th ICMI Study 'Digital technologies and mathematics teaching and learning: Rethinking the terrain' will be concerned with the use of digital technologies in mathematics teaching and learning in countries across the world.

A Study Conference will be hosted by the Hanoi Institute of Technology. There is a Call for Papers open until 15 January. Find more information here.
Conference : MoMM 2006
From 04 December 2006 till 06 December 2006
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Fourth international conference on advances in mobile computing and multimedia.

Conference : CISSE '06
From 04 December 2006 till 14 December 2006
Location: Online

International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering. CIS2E 06 provides a virtual forum for presentation and discussion of the state-of the-art research on computers, information and systems sciences and engineering. The virtual conference will be conducted through the Internet using web-conferencing tools, made available by the conference

Conference : NODEM 06: Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums
From 07 December 2006 till 09 December 2006
Location: University of Oslo, Norway

NODEM 06 is a conference and an exhibition that focuses on digital media in interpretative processes in museums

Conference : IADIS CELDA 2006
From 08 December 2006 till 10 December 2006
Location: Barcelona, Spain

The IADIS CELDA (conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age) 2006 conference aims to address the main issues concerning with the evolving learning processes and supporting pedagogies and applications in digital age.

Conference : ISM 2006
From 11 December 2006 till 13 December 2006
Location: San Diego, USA

IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia

Conference : AXMEDIS 2006
From 12 December 2006 till 15 December 2006
Location: Leeds, UK

Second international conference on automated production of cross media content for multi-channel distribution.

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