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Kaleidoscope:  Shaping the scientific evolution of Technology Enhanced Learning

Kaleidoscope is the European research network shaping the scientific evolution of technology enhanced learning. It integrates the leading research teams in the field, who work collaboratively across educational, computer and social sciences to transform the quality and reach of the learning experience. Kaleidoscope fosters innovation and creativity through the development of new technologies, methodologies and concepts, defining the challenges and solutions  for interdisciplinary research.

Kaleidoscope’s goal is to inform knowledge transfer between education, industry, and the wider society. Through its scientific programme, Kaleidoscope is helping to build a dynamic knowledge-based economy for Europe, engaging with social, economic and political stakeholders at all levels.

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Kaleidoscope is supported by the European Community under the Information Society and Media Directorate-General, Content Directorate, Learning and Cultural Heritage Unit.

Contract 507838

Project type: Network of Excellence
Start date: 1 January 2004
Duration: 48 months
EU funding: EUR 9.350.000
Partners: 85

Scientific manager: Sten Ludvigsen , Intermedia Oslo (NO)

Project co-ordinator: FIST, S.A. - France Innovation Scientifique et transfert, Paris (FR)
Contact: Mr. Joseph de Macedo


 The Executive Committee:

Rosa Maria Bottino

Rosa Maria Bottino
CNR, Italy

grey pixel Diana Laurillard

Diana Laurillard

grey pixel

Pierre Tchounikine

grey pixel Lydia Montandon

Lydia Montandon
ATOS Origin, Spain

    Sten Ludvigsen 
Scientific Manager
Sten Ludvigsen Intermedia Oslo, Norway
grey pixel Mike Sharples
Deputy Science Manager Mike Sharples
LSRI Nottingham, UK