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VDSpace: The Kaleidoscope VDS platform

VDSpace proposes:
  • a homepage for all Kaleidoscope PhD students, enabling students to present their activities and browse/search other students’ homepage
  • access to all the scientific outcomes of all the Kaleidoscope content-based activities
  • access to various information: list of existing courses in research training and methods offered by partner institutions within the Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence, etc.
  • a general Forum
  • workzones (restricted Forum, files exchange zone, etc.) that can be created on request for groups of PhD students and/or senior researchers.

VDSpace is accessible:
  • by Kaleidoscope PhD students: access to all general issues (workzones are restricted to the members of the corresponding subgroup)
  • by all Kaleidoscope members: access to all general issues but the Forum and the Members functionalities (workzones are restricted to the members of the corresponding subgroup)

Additional resources can be found in the For Researchers section
New resources
Argumentation (Report on the Paper Session 15, at CSCL 2007).
Authoring frameworks for integrating collaborative learning technologies (pre-conference workshop at CSCL 2007).
Visualizations and representational tools (Report on the Interactive Session 2, at CSCL 2007)
New activities
TELMA PhD Consulting Service
Oct 19 - Dec 19, 2007

PhD course: Networked Learning (e-learning 2.0)
13-15 Nov. 2007